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Helleve, Arnfinn; Sandberg, Helena; Berg, Christina; Prell, Hillevi; Ólafsdóttir, Steingerður; Gísladóttir, Elva; Andersen, Morten C.; Jewell, Jo; Breda, João; Marniemi, Annikka; Gabrijelcic, Mojca and Tatlow-Golden, Mimi (2018). Monitoring food marketing to children: A joint Nordic monitoring protocol for marketing of foods and beverages high in fat, salt and sugar (HFSS) towards children and young people. TemaNord, ISSN 0908-6692 ; 2018:504. Copenhagen, Denmark: Nordisk Ministerråd.

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Brykczynska, Gosia M. and Simons, Joan eds. (2011). Ethical and Philosophical Aspects of Nursing Children and Young People. Chichester: John Wiley and Sons Ltd.

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Carden, Catherine and Bethune, Adrian (2022). Teacher well-being: Are doughnuts in the staffroom enough? In: Carden, Catherine ed. Primary Teaching: Learning and Teaching in Primary Schools Today. Primary Teaching Now, 2. London: Sage, pp. 365–387.

Tatlow-Golden, Mimi (2018). Food in children and young people’s lives: ambiguous agency and contested moralities. In: Montgomery, Heather and Robb, Martin eds. Children and young people's worlds. Bristol: Policy Press.

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Carter, Bernie; Bray, Lucy; Satchwell, Candice and Simons, Joan (2015). Engaging with children in designing pain research: how to do it and is it worth the effort? Pain News, 13(2) pp. 121–124.

Kelsey, Janet and Simons, Joan (2014). [Editorial] The challenges of adolescence. Journal of Child Health Care

McCafferty, Claire; Shan, Christine Liran; Mooney, Robert; O'Rourke, Clare; Pourshahidi, Kirsty; Livingstone, Barbara; Kearney, John; Corish, Clare; Tatlow-Golden, Mimi and Murrin, Celine (2019). How do adults define the treats they give to children? A thematic analysis. Appetite, 133 pp. 155–122.

O'Farrelly, Christine; Booth, Ailbhe; Tatlow-Golden, Mimi and Doyle, Orla (2016). Self-reported early experiences of children from low socioeconomic status backgrounds: The children's thoughts about school study. Children's Research Digest: Transitions, 3(2)

O’Farrelly, Christine; Booth, Ailbhe; Tatlow-Golden, Mimi and Barker, Beth (2020). Reconstructing readiness: Young children’s priorities for their early school adjustment. Early Childhood Research Quarterly, 50(2) pp. 3–16.

Rix, Katie; Monks, Claire.P and O'Toole, Sarah (2023). Theory of Mind and Young Children’s Behaviour: Aggressive, Victimised, Prosocial, and Solitary. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 20(10), article no. 5892.

Shan, Liran Christine; McCafferty, Claire; Tatlow-Golden, Mimi; O'Rourke, Claire; Mooney, Robert; Livingstone, Barbara; Pourshahidi, Kirsty; Corish, Clare; Kearney, John; Wall, Patrick and Murrin, Celine (2018). Is it still a real treat? Adults' treat provision to children. Appetite, 130 pp. 228–235.

Simons, Joan (2015). A proposed model of the effective management of children's pain. Pain Management Nursing, 16(4) pp. 570–578.

Simons, Joan; Carter, Bernie; Craske, Jennie; Parry, Sarah; Coles, Sally and Bennett, Michelle (2017). Anaesthetists' views of managing children's pain post-surgery. Pain News, 15(4) pp. 181–184.

Simons, Joan; Carter, Bernie; Dey, Paolo and Ivey, Jean (2013). [Editorial] Childhood Obesity. Journal of Child Health Care

Tatlow-Golden, Mimi; Hennessy, Eilis; Hollywood, Lynsey and Dean, Moira (2015). Food marketing to young children on the island of Ireland: Parents' views, attitudes and practices and implications for early years policy. Children's Research Digest: Researching Early Childhood, 2(2) pp. 15–22.

Tatlow-Golden, Mimi; Murrin, Celine; Bergin, Rebecca; Kerr, Maeve; O’Brien, Sinead and Livingstone, Barbara (2015). Creating good feelings about unhealthy food: children’s televised ‘advertised diet’ on the island of Ireland, in a climate of regulation. The Irish Journal of Psychology, 36(1-4) pp. 83–100.

Tatlow-Golden, Mimi; O’Farrelly, Christine; Booth, Ailbhe and Doyle, Orla (2017). ‘‘Bursting’’ to Go and Other Experiences: Children’s Views on Using the Toilet in the First School Year. The Journal of School Nursing, 33(3) pp. 214–222.

Tatlow-Golden, Mimi; O’Farrelly, Christine; Booth, Ailbhe; O’Rourke, Claire and Doyle, Orla (2016). ‘Look, I have my ears open’: Resilience and early school experiences among children in an economically deprived suburban area in Ireland. School Psychology International, 37(2) pp. 104–120.

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Carter, B.; Satchwell, C.; Simons, J. and Bray, L. (2014). Consulting with children prior to designing research: is it really worth the effort? In: Archives of Disease in Childhood, 99(Suppl 2), article no. A76-A77.

Simons, Joan M.; Carter, Bernie; Bray, Lucy and Arnott, Janine (2015). Supporting parents of children who have complex needs to assess and manage their children's pain: health care practitioners' perspectives. In: Archives of Disease in Childhood, 100(Supp.3), article no. A97.

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Bower, Virginia; Taylor, Julie; Hampson-Stemp, Hayley; Fullard, Michael; Peterson, Andrew and Carden (ed.), Catherine (2023). Character and ITE: A Practical Guide. In Carden, Catherine ed. Character and ITE: A Practical Guide Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues. University of Birmingham, Birmingham.

Carden, Catherine; Gumbrell, David; Twiselton, Sam and Taylor, Andrew (2021). The Story Behind the Story: Back to school and teacher and pupil mental health. Shawmind.

Rix, Katie; Lea, Jo and Edwards, Amy (2017). Reading in foster families. Book Trust and National Children's Bureau.

Ryder, Rebekah; Edwards, Amy and Rix, Katie (2017). Children missing education: Families’ experiences. The National Children's Bureau.

Simons, Joan and Brown, Nicola (2017). Parents in Health Care. In Journal of Child Health Care Journal of Child Health Care (Online Special Collection), SAGE.

World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe (2019). Monitoring and restricting digital marketing of unhealthy products to children and adolescents. World Health Organization, Geneva.


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