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Laney, Robin; Samuels, Robert and Capulet, Emilie (2015). Cross entropy as a measure of musical contrast. In: Mathematics and Computation in Music (Collins, Tom; Meredith, David and Volk, Anja eds.), Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer International Publishing, Cham, Switzerland, pp. 193–198.

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Prechtl, Anthony; Laney, Robin; Willis, Alistair and Samuels, Robert (2014). Algorithmic music as intelligent game music. In: AISB50: The 50th Annual Convention of the AISB, 1-4 Apr 2014, London, UK.

Samuels, Robert (2014). Schubert’s instrumental voice: vocality in melodic construction in the late works. In: Bernhart, Walter and Kramer, Lawrence eds. On Voice. Word and Music Studies, 13. Amsterdam: Rodopi, pp. 161–178.

Prechtl, Anthony; Laney, Robin; Willis, Alistair and Samuels, Robert (2014). Methodological approaches to the evaluation of game music systems. In: AM '14 Proceedings of the 9th Audio Mostly: A Conference on Interaction With Sound, ACM, article no. 26.

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Samuels, Robert (2011). The act of performance as Mahlerian topic. In: Bernhart, Walter and Halliwell, Michael eds. Word and Music Studies: essays on performativity and on surveying the field. Words and Music Studies (12). Amsterdam: Rodopi, pp. 35–52.

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Samuels, Robert (2010). Mahler within Mahler: allusion as quotation, self-reference, and metareference. In: Bernhart, Walter and Wolf, Werner eds. Self-Reference in Literature and Other Media. Word and Music Studies (11). Amsterdam: Rodopi, pp. 33–50.

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Samuels, Robert (2006). Narratives of masculinity and femininity: two Schumann song cycles. In: Da Sousa Correa, Delia ed. Phrase and subject: Studies in Literature and Music. Oxford, UK: Legenda, pp. 135–145.

Samuels, Robert (2006). Music as Narrative's Limit and Supplement. In: Benito, Jesús and Manzanas, Ana Mª eds. The Dynamics of the Threshold: Essays on Liminal Negotiations. Studies in Liminality and Literature, 5. Madrid, Spain: The Gateway Press, pp. 149–163.

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Decroupet, Pascal and Samuels, Robert [trans.] eds. (2005). Pierre Boulez. Le marteau sans maître: facsimile of the draft score and the first fair copy of the full score. Publications from the Paul Sacher Foundation. Mainz; London: Schott.

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Boulez, Pierre and Samuels, Robert [trans.] (2004). The musician writes: for the eyes of the deaf? In: Ashby, Arved ed. The Pleasure of Modernist Music: Listening, Meaning, Intention, Ideology. Eastman Studies in Music. Rochester, NY: University of Rochester Press, pp. 197–222.

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Samuels, Robert (1995). Mahler's Sixth Symphony: a Study in Musical Semiotics. Cambridge Studies in Music Theory and Analysis, 6. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

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Samuels, Robert (1994). Music as text: Mahler, Schumann and issues in analysis. In: Pople, Anthony ed. Theory, Analysis and Meaning in Music. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp. 152–163.

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Nattiez, Jean-Jacques and Samuels, Robert [trans.] eds. (1993). The Boulez-Cage Carrespondence. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

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Samuels, Robert (1989). Derrida and Snarrenberg. In Theory Only, 11(1-2) pp. 45–58.


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