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Raghuram, Parvati; Breines, Markus Roos and Gunter, Ashley (2024). De-migranticizing as methodology: rethinking migration studies through immobility and liminality. Comparative Migration Studies, 12, article no. 24.

Gunter, A.; Breines, M.R.; Cin, F.M. and Raghuram, P. (2024). Revisiting Access in Debates on Internationalisation: Transnational Rights? In: Engwall, L. ed. Internationalization in Higher Education and Research: Perspectives, Obstacles, Alternatives. Higher Education Dynamics, 62. Cham, Switzerland: Springer, pp. 161–180.

Triandafyllidou, Anna; Bivand Erdal, Marta; Marchetti, Sabrina; Raghuram, Parvati; Sahin Mencutek, Zeynep; Salamońska, Justyna; Scholten, Peter and Vintila, Daniela (2024). Rethinking Migration Studies for 2050. Journal of Immigrant & Refugee Studies, 22(1) pp. 1–21.

Olarinde, Omololá; Raghuram, Parvati; Badasu, Delali and Yogo, Gorrety (2024). African women migration researchers and the question of reflexivity. Gender, Place & Culture (Early Access).

Raghuram, Parvati (2024). The sustainable development goals and skilled migration: A review and Agenda. In: Piper, Nicola and Datta, Kavita eds. The Elgar Companion to Migration and the Sustainable Development Goals. Edward Elgar, pp. 112–124.

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Raghuram, Parvati and Olarinde, Omololá S. (2022). Gender and migration. In: Triandafyllidou, Anna ed. Routledge Handbook of Immigration and Refugee Studies (2nd Edition). Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge, pp. 26–33.

Kofman, Eleonore and Raghuram, Parvati (2022). Gender and Migration. In: Scholten, Peter ed. Introduction to Migration Studies. IMISCOE Research Series. Springer, Cham, pp. 281–294.

Raghuram, Parvati (2022). Caring for the Manifesto—Steps toward Making It an Achievable Dream. Social Politics: International Studies in Gender, State & Society, 28(4) pp. 865–873.

Raghuram, Parvati and Sondhi, Gunjan (2022). The Entangled Infrastructures of International Student Migration: Lessons from Covid-19. In: Triandafyllidou, Anna ed. Migration and Pandemics. IMISCOE Research Series. Springer, pp. 167–184.

2021To Top

Rose, Gillian; Raghuram, Parvati; Watson, Sophie and Wigley, Edward (2021). Platform urbanism, smartphone applications and valuing data in a smart city. Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers, 46(1) pp. 59–72.

Raghuram, Parvati and Sondhi, Gunjan (2021). Gender and International Student Migration. In: Mora, Claudia and Piper, Nicola eds. The Palgrave Handbook of Gender and Migration. London: Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 221–235.

Smith, Darren; Anderson, Ben; Raghuram, Parvati and Wilby, Robert (2021). The Future of The Geographical Journal : Engaging with Public Issues. The Geographical Journal, 187(2) pp. 82–84.

2020To Top

Raghuram, Parvati and Sondhi, Gunjan (2020). Gendered Highly Skilled Migration in the Knowledge Sector. In: Huang, Shirlena and Ruwanpura, Kanchana N. eds. Handbook of Gender in Asia. International Handbooks on Gender. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, pp. 253–274.

Raghuram, Parvati (2020). Migration and development: theoretical legacies and analytical agendas in the age of rising powers. In: Bastia, Tanja and Skeldon, Ronald eds. Routledge Handbook of Migration and Development. Abingdon: Routledge, pp. 43–53.

Kofman, Eleonore and Raghuram, Parvati (2020). Geographies of gendered migration: Place as difference and connection. In: Datta, Anindita; Hopkins, Peter; Johnston, Lynda; Olson, Elizabeth and Silva, Joseli Maria eds. Routledge Handbook of Gender and Feminist Geographies. Abingdon: Routledge, pp. 244–253.

2019To Top

Mittelmeier, Jenna; Rienties, Bart; Rogaten, Jekaterina; Gunter, Ashley and Raghuram, Parvati (2019). Internationalisation at a Distance and at Home: Academic and social adjustment in a South African distance learning context. International Journal of Intercultural Relations, 72 pp. 1–12.

Raghuram, Parvati (2019). Race and feminist care ethics: intersectionality as method. Gender, Place and Culture: A Journal of Feminist Geography, 26(5) pp. 613–637.

Sondhi, Gunjan; Raghuram, Parvati; Herman, Clem and Ruiz-Ben, Esther (2019). Skilled Migration and IT Sector: A Gendered Analysis. In: Rajan, S. Irudaya ed. India Migration Report 2018: Migrants in Europe. New Delhi: Routledge.

Asis, Maruja; Piper, Nicola and Raghuram, Parvati (2019). From Asia to the World: “Regional” Contributions to Global Migration Research. Revue Européenne des Migrations Internationals, 35(1-2) pp. 13–37.

2018To Top

Riaño, Yvonne; Van Mol, Christof and Raghuram, Parvati (2018). New directions in studying policies of international student mobility and migration. Globalisation, Societies and Education, 16(3) pp. 283–294.

Kofman, E. and Raghuram, P. (2018). Gender, Migration and Social Reproduction. In: Elias, J. and Roberts, A. eds. Handbook on the International Political Economy of Gender. Handbooks of Research on International Political Economy. Edward Elgar, pp. 427–439.

2016To Top

Raghuram, Parvati; Bornat, Joanna and Henry, Leroi (2016). "Without racism there would be no geriatrics": South Asian overseas-trained doctors and the development of Geriatric Medicine in the United Kingdom', 1950-2000. In: Monnais, Laurence and Wright, David eds. Doctors beyond Borders: the transnational migration of physicians in the twentieth century. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, pp. 185–207.

Raghuram, Parvati (2016). Locating Care Ethics Beyond the Global North. ACME: An International Journal for Critical Geographies, 15(3) pp. 511–533.

2015To Top

Kofman, Eleonore and Raghuram, Parvati (2015). Gendered Migrations and Global Social Reproduction. Migration Diaspora and Citizenship. Basingstoke: Palgrave.

Kofman, Eleonore and Raghuram, Parvati (2015). Care, women and migration in the global south. In: Coles, Anne; Gray, Leslie and Momsen, Janet eds. The Routledge Handbook of Gender and Development. Routledge International Handbooks. Abingdon: Routledge, pp. 309–318.

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Bornat, Joanna; Raghuram, Parvati and Henry, Leroi (2014). Oral history voicing differences: South Asian doctors and migration narratives. Economic and Political Weekly, 49(30) pp. 60–66.

Raghuram, Parvati (2014). Brain circulation or precarious labour? Conceptualising temporariness in the UK’s National Health Service. In: Vosko, Leah F.; Preston, Valerie and Latham, Robert eds. Liberating Temporariness?: Migration, Work and Citizenship in an Age of Insecurity. Montreal, Quebec: McGill-Queen's University Press, pp. 177–200.

Raghuram, Parvati; Noxolo, Pat and Madge, Clare (2014). Rising Asia and postcolonial geography. Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography, 35(1) pp. 119–135.

Kofman, Eleonore and Raghuram, Parvati (2014). Repenser les migrations féminines. Sites et travail qualifiés dans la reproduction sociale mondialisée. In: Ribas-Mateos, Natalia and Manry, Veronique eds. Mobilités au féminin. La place des femmes dans le nouvel état du monde. Paris: Éditions Karthala, pp. 31–52.

2013To Top

Kofman, Eleonore and Raghuram, Parvati (2013). Knowledge, gender, and changing mobility regimes: women migrants in Europe. In: Ilcan, Suzan ed. Mobilities, Knowledge, and Social Justice. Montreal: McGill-Queen’s University Press, pp. 59–75.

2012To Top

Noxolo, Pat; Raghuram, Parvati and Madge, Clare (2012). Unsettling responsibility: postcolonial interventions. Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers, 37(3) pp. 418–429.

Kofman, Eleonore and Raghuram, Parvati (2012). Genere, migrazione e lavoro di cura nel Sud globale. In: Piperno, Flavia and Bordogna, Mara Tognetti eds. Welfare transnazionale: La frontiera esterna delle politiche sociali. Rome: Ediesse.

Kofman, Eleonore and Raghuram, Parvati (2012). Women, migration, and care: explorations of diversity and dynamism in the global South. Social Politics, 19(3) pp. 408–432.

2011To Top

Raghuram, Parvati and Piper, Nicola (2011). Women and migration in Asia – eroding borders, new fixities. In: Wastl-Walter, Doris ed. The Ashgate Research Companion to Border Studies. Farnham: Ashgate, pp. 529–548.

Raghuram, Parvati; Bornat, Joanna and Henry, Leroi (2011). The co-marking of aged bodies and migrant bodies: migrant workers’ contribution to geriatric medicine in the UK. Sociology of Health & Illness, 33(2) pp. 321–335.

2010To Top

Asis, Maruja M. B.; Piper, Nicola and Raghuram, Parvati (2010). International migration and development in Asia: Exploring knowledge frameworks. International Migration, 48(3) pp. 76–106.

2009To Top

Raghuram, Parvati (2009). Situating women in the brain drain discourse: discursive challenges and opportunities. In: Stalford, Helen; Currie, Samantha and Velluti, Samantha eds. Gender and migration in 21st century Europe. Aldershot: Ashgate, pp. 85–106.

Kofman, Eleonore and Raghuram, Parvati (2009). The Implications of Migration for Gender and Care Regimes in the South. United Nations Research Institute for Social Development (UNRISD), Geneva.

Madge, Clare; Raghuram, Parvati and Noxolo, Patricia (2009). Engaged pedagogy and responsibility: A postcolonial analysis of international students. Geoforum, 40(1) pp. 34–45.

Raghuram, Parvati; Madge, Clare and Noxolo, Pat (2009). Rethinking responsibility and care for a postcolonial world. Geoforum, 40(1) pp. 5–13.

Zoomers, A.; Rivera-Salgado, G.; Asis, M.; Piper, N.; Raghuram, P.; Awumbila, M.; Manuh, T. and Schapendonk, J. (2009). Migration in a globalizing world: Knowledge, migration and development. In: Molenaar, Henk; Box, Louk and Engelhard, Rutger eds. Knowledge on the Move: Emerging Agendas for Development-Oriented Research. Leiden: International Development Publications, pp. 89–121.

2008To Top

Raghuram, Parvati; Sahoo, Ajay; Maharaj, Brij and Sangha, Dave eds. (2008). Tracing an Indian Diaspora: Contexts, Memories, Representations. London, New Delhi: Sage.

Raghuram, Parvati (2008). Governing the mobility of skills. In: Gabrielle, Christina and Pellerin, Helene eds. Governing International Labour Migration: Current Issues, Challenges and Dilemmas. Routledge/RIPE Studies in Global Political Economy. UK: Routledge.

Raghuram, Parvati (2008). Immigration dynamics in the receiving State - Emerging issues for the Indian Diaspora in the UK. In: Raghuram, Parvati; Sahoo, Ajaya Kumar; Maharaj, Brij and Sangha, Dave eds. Tracing an Indian Diaspora: Contexts, Memories, Representations. New Delhi, India: SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd, pp. 171–190.

Raghuram, Parvati (2008). Representations: Contestations of/in the Indian Diaspora: Introduction to section 4. In: Raghuram, Parvati; Sahoo, Ajaya Kumar; Maharaj, Brij and Sangha, Dave eds. Tracing an Indian Diaspora: Contexts, Memories, Representations. New Delhi, India: SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd, pp. 323–328.

Noxolo, Pat; Raghuram, Parvati and Madge, Clare (2008). 'Geography is pregnant' and 'geography's milk is flowing': metaphors for a postcolonial discipline? Environment and Planning D: Society and Space, 26(1) pp. 146–168.

Raghuram, Parvati (2008). Thinking UK's medical labour market transnationally. In: Connell, John ed. The International Migration of Health Workers. Routledge Research in Population and Migration. Routledge, pp. 182–198.

Raghuram, Parvati (2008). Reconceptualizing UK’s transnational medical labour market. In: Connell, John ed. The International Migration of Health Workers. Routledge Research in Population and Migration (10). Abingdon: Routledge.

Raghuram, Parvati (2008). Doing Diaspora: Identifications; Introduction to section 3. In: Raghuram, Parvati et al.; Sahoo, Ajaya Kumar; Maharaj, Brij and Sangha, Dave eds. Tracing an Indian Diaspora: Contexts, Memories, Representations. New Delhi, India: SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd, pp. 231–236.

2007To Top

Raghuram, Parvati (2007). Conceptualising Indian emigration: The development story. In: van Naerssen, Ton; Spaan, Ernst and Zoomers, Annelies eds. Global Migration and Development. Routledge Studies in Development and Society. Abingdon, UK: Routledge, pp. 309–326.

Raghuram, Parvati and Madge, Clare (2007). Feminist theorising as practice. In: Falconer Al-Hindi, Karen and Moss, Pamela eds. Feminisms in Geography: Space, Place and Knowledges. Rowman and Littlefield: Lanham.

2006To Top

Raghuram, Parvati and Madge, Clare (2006). Towards a method for postcolonial development geography?: Possibilities and challenges. Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography, 27(3) 270 -288.

Raghuram, Parvati (2006). Asian women medical migrants in the UK. In: Agrawal, Anuja ed. Migrant Women and Work. New Delhi, India: Sage, pp. 73–94.

Kofman, Eleonore and Raghuram, Parvati (2006). Gender and global labour migrations: incorporating skilled workers. Antipode, 38(2) pp. 282–303.

Raghuram, Parvati (2006). Dis/placing migration theories. In: Ferro, Katarina and Wallner, Margot eds. Migration happens: Reasons, effects and opportunities of migration in the South Pacific. Münster: LIT-Verlag.

2005To Top

Birnie, Jacky; Madge, Clare; Pain, Rachel; Raghuram, Parvati and Rose, Gillian (2005). Working a fraction and making a fraction work: a rough guide for geographers in the academy. Area, 37(3) pp. 251–259.

Kofman, Eleonore and Raghuram, Parvati (2005). Gender and skilled migrants: into and beyond the work place. Geoforum, 36(2) pp. 149–154.

Raghuram, Parvati (2005). Global maid trade : domestic workers in the global market. In: Huang, Shirlena; Rahman, Noor Abdul and Yeoh, Brenda S.A. eds. Asian Women as Transnational Domestic Workers. Gender and Women Studies. Singapore: Marshall Cavendish Academic, pp. 146–174.

2004To Top

Raghuram, Parvati (2004). Migration, gender, and the IT sector: intersecting debates. Women's Studies International Forum, 27(2) pp. 163–176.

Raghuram, Parvati (2004). Initiating the commodity chain: South Asian women and fashion in the diaspora. In: Hughes, Alex and Reimer, Suzy eds. Geographies of Commodity Chains. London, UK: Routledge, pp. 120–136.

Johnson, Richard; Chambers, Deborah; Raghuram, Parvati and Tincknell, Estella (2004). The Practice of cultural studies. UK: Sage Publications Ltd.

Kofman, Eleonore and Raghuram, Parvati (2004). An introduction from the Guest Editors. Feminist Review, 77(1) pp. 4–6.

Raghuram, Parvati and Kofman, Eleonore (2004). Out of Asia: skilling, re-skilling and deskilling of female migrants. Women's Studies International Forum, 27(2) pp. 95–100.

Raghuram, Parvati (2004). Crossing Borders: Gender and Migration. In: Staeheli, Lynne; Kofman, Eleonore and Peake, Linda eds. Mapping Women, Making Politics: Feminist Perspectives on Political Geography. New York: Routledge, pp. 185–198.

2003To Top

Puwar, Nirmal and Raghuram, Parvati (2003). South Asian women in the diaspora. Oxford, UK: Berg.

Puwar, Nirmal and Raghuram, Parvati (2003). (Dis)locating south asian women in the academy. In: Puwar, Nirmal and Raghuram, Parvati eds. South Asian Women in the Diaspora. Oxford, UK: Berg, pp. 1–18.

Raghuram, Parvati (2003). Fashioning the south Asian diaspora: Production and consumption tales. In: Puwar, Nirmal and Raghuram, Parvati eds. South Asian Women in the Diaspora. Oxford, UK: Berg, pp. 67–86.

Raghuram, Parvati and Montiel, Dawn (2003). Skilled migratory regimes: The case of female medical migrants in the UK. In: Ishikawa, Yoshitaka and Montanari, Armando eds. The new geography of human mobility - Inequality trends? Home of Geography Publication series (4). Rome, Italy,: Home of Geography/Villa Celimontana (International Geographical Union/Società Geografica Italiana), pp. 67–84.

2002To Top

Hardill, Irene; Raghuram, Parvati and Strange, Adam (2002). Diasporic embeddedness and Asian women entrepreneurs in the UK. In: Taylor, Michael and Leonard, Simon eds. Embedded Enterprise and Social Capital: International Perspectives. Aldershot, UK: Ashgate, pp. 207–224.

Raghuram, Parvati and Kofman, Eleonore (2002). The state, skilled labour markets, and immigration: the case of doctors in England. Environment and Planning A, 34(11) pp. 2071–2089.

Tincknell, Estella and Raghuram, Parvati (2002). Big Brother: Reconfiguring the 'active' audience of cultural studies? European Journal of Cultural Studies, 5(2) pp. 199–216.

2001To Top

Raghuram, Parvati (2001). Caste and gender in the organisation of paid domestic work in India. Work, Employment and Society, 15(3) pp. 607–617.

2000To Top

Kofman, Eleonore; Phizacklea, Annie; Raghuram, Parvati and Sales, Rosemary (2000). Gender and International Migration in Europe: Employment, welfare and politics. London, UK: Routledge.

1999To Top

Raghuram, Parvati (1999). Interlinking trajectories: migration and domestic work in India. In: Momsen, Janet Henshall ed. Gender, Migration and Domestic Service. Routledge International Studies of Women and Place. London, UK: Routledge, pp. 209–222.

Raghuram, Parvati (1999). Religion and Development. In: Allen, Tim and Skelton, Tracy eds. Culture and Global Change. London, UK: Routledge, pp. 236–244.

1998To Top

Hardill, Irene and Raghuram, Parvati (1998). Diasporic connections: Case studies of Asian women in business. Area, 30(3) pp. 255–261.

Raghuram, P.; Madge, C. and Skelton, T. (1998). Feminist research methodologies and student projects. Journal of Geography in Higher Education, 22(1) pp. 35–48.

Raghuram, Parvati and Hardill, Irene (1998). Negotiating a market: a case study of an Asian woman in business. Women's Studies International Forum, 21(5) pp. 475–483.

Raghuram, Parvati (1998). Invisible agricultural labour in India. In: Prorok, Carolyn V. and Chhokar, Kiran Banga eds. Asian Women and their Work: A geography of Gender and Development. Pathways in geography resource publication (17). Indiana, USA: National Council for Geographical Education, pp. 109–114.

1997To Top

Madge, C.; Raghuram, P.; Skelton, T.; Willis, K. and Williams, J. (1997). Feminist methodologies: politics, practice and power. In: Women and Geography Study Group, (WGSG) ed. Feminist Geography: Explorations in Diversity and Difference. London, UK: Prentice Hall, pp. 86–111.

1993To Top

Raghuram, Parvati and Momsen, Janet (1993). Domestic service as a survival strategy in Delhi, India. Geoforum, 24(1) pp. 55–62.

Raghuram, Parvati (1993). Invisible female agricultural labour in India. In: Kinnaird, Vivian and Momsen, Janet eds. Different Places, Different Voices: Gender and Development in Africa, Asia and Latin America. London, UK: Routledge, pp. 109–119.


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