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Keogh, Peter (2023). Recovering Political Knowledge in Public Health: Learning from Sexual and Reproductive Health Work. Critical Public Health, 33(5) pp. 828–837.

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Dodds, Catherine; Keogh, Peter; Bourne, Adam; McDaid, Lisa; Squire, Corinne; Weatherburn, Peter and Young, Ingrid (2021). The Long and Winding Road: Archiving and Re-Using Qualitative Data from 12 Research Projects Spanning 16 Years. Sociological Research Online, 26(2) pp. 269–287.

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Barrett, P.; O’Donnell, K.; Fitzgerald, M.; Schmidt, A. J.; Hickson, F.; Quinlan, M.; Keogh, P.; O’Connor, L.; McCartney, D. and Igoe, D. (2019). Drug use among men who have sex with men in Ireland: Prevalence and associated factors from a national online survey. International Journal of Drug Policy, 64 pp. 5–12.

O'Donnell, K.; Fitzgerald, M.; Quinlan, M.; Hickson, F.; Keogh, P.; Schmidt, A. J.; McCartney, D.; Barrett, P.; O'Dea, S. and Igoe, D. (2019). Inequalities in HIV testing uptake and needs among men who have sex with men living in Ireland: findings from an internet survey. HIV Medicine, 20(2) pp. 157–163.

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Stevenson, Jacqui; Keogh, Peter; Smith, John and West, Elizabeth (2017). Women’s experiences of ageing with HIV in London. HIV Nursing, 17(4) pp. 134–138.

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Bourne, Adam; Dodds, Catherine; Keogh, Peter and Weatherburn, Peter (2016). Non-condom related strategies to reduce the risk of HIV transmission: Perspectives and experiences of gay men with diagnosed HIV. Journal of Health Psychology, 21(11) pp. 2562–2571.

Keogh, Peter; Weatherburn, Peter and Reid, David (2016). Learning from the experiences of people with HIV using general practitioner services in London: a qualitative study. Primary Health Care Research and Development, 17(4) pp. 351–360.

Sorhaindo, Annik; Bonell, Chris; Fletcher, Adam; Jessiman, Patricia; Keogh, Peter and Mitchell, Kirstin (2016). Being targeted: Young women's experience of being identified for a teenage pregnancy prevention programme. Journal of Adolescence, 49 pp. 181–190.

Sorhaindo, Annik; Mitchell, Kirstin; Fletcher, Adam; Jessiman, Patricia; Keogh, Peter and Bonell, Chris (2016). Young women’s lived experience of participating in a positive youth development programme: The “Teens & Toddlers” pregnancy prevention intervention. Health Education, 116(4) pp. 356–371.

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Keogh, Peter and Dodds, Catherine (2015). Pharmaceutical HIV prevention technologies in the UK: six domains for social science research. AIDS Care: Psychological and Socio-medical Aspects of AIDS/HIV, 27(6) pp. 796–803.

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Maisey, Ruth; Speight, Svetlana; Bonnell, Chris; Purdon, Susan; Keogh, Peter; Wollny, Ivonne; Sorhaindo, Annik M. and Wellings, Kaye (2014). The Evaluation of the ‘Teens and Toddlers’ Youth Programme: A Randomised Controlled Trial. Sage.

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Bonnell, Chris; Maisey, Ruth; Speight, Svetlana; Purdon, Susan; Keogh, Peter; Wollny, Ivonne; Sorhaindo, Annik and Wellings, Kaye (2013). Randomized controlled trial of 'teens and toddlers': a teenage pregnancy prevention intervention combining youth development and voluntary service in a nursery. Journal of Adolescence, 36(5) pp. 859–870.

Keogh, Peter; Kazimirski, Anne; Purdon, Susan and Maisey, Ruth (2013). Estimating the prevalence of forced marriage in England. In: Ribbens McCarthy, Jane; Hooper, Carol Ann and Gillies, Val eds. Family Troubles? Exploring Changes and Challenges in the Family Lives of Children and Young People. Bristol: Policy Press, pp. 245–256.

Weatherburn, Peter; Keogh, Peter; Reid, David; Hammond, Gary and Jessup, Kathie (2013). My Care, I Care: a study of what people with HIV value about NHS HIV services across London. Sigma Research, London.

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Bourne, Adam; Hickson, Ford; Keogh, Peter; Reid, David and Weatherburn, Peter (2012). Problems with sex among gay and bisexual men with diagnosed HIV in the United Kingdom. BMC Public Health, 12(1), article no. 916.

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Bourne, A.; Dodds, C.; Weatherburn, P. and Keogh, P. (2011). Perceptions of superinfection risk among gay men with diagnosed HIV who have unprotected anal intercourse. International Journal of STD & AIDS, 22(4) pp. 190–193.

Ireland, Eleanor; Poole, Eloise; Armstrong, Cole; Keogh, Peter and Purdon, Susan (2011). Evaluation of the Child Maintenance Options Service. Research report 3; Child Maintanance & Enforcement Commission.

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Kazmirski, Anne; Keogh, Peter; Kumari, Vijay; Maisie, Ruth; Gowland, Sally; Purdon, Susan and Khanum, Nazia (2009). Forced Marriage: Prevalence and Service Response. Research Report DCSF-RR128; Department of Children, Schools & Families (DCSF), London.

Keogh, Peter; Azad, Yusef; Carter, Michael; Crafer, Elizabeth; Cregan, Sinead; Morley, Chris; Nkwenti, Priscilla; Nutland, Will; Pebody, Roger; Reynolds, Rhon; Summerside, Jack and Weatherburn, Peter (2009). Framework for better living with HIV in England. Sigma Research, London.

Weatherburn, Peter; Keogh, Peter; Reid, David; Dodds, Catherine; Bourne, Adam; Owuor, John; Hammond, Gary and Jessup, Kathie (2009). What do you need? 2007-2008: Findings from a national survey of people with diagnosed HIV. Sigma Research, London.

Weatherburn, Peter; Keogh, Peter; Dodds, Catherine; Hickson, Ford and Henderson, Laurie (2009). The growing challenge: a strategic review of HIV social care, support and information services across the UK. Sigma Research, London.

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Bonell, C.; Weatherburn, P.; Rhodes, T.; Hickson, F.; Keogh, P. and Elford, J. (2008). Addressing gay men's use of methamphetamine and other substances. Addiction Reseach & Theory, 16(5) pp. 417–420.

Keogh, Peter (2008). Morality, responsibility and risk: Negative gay men's perceived proximity to HIV. AIDS Care: Psychological and Socio-medical Aspects of AIDS/HIV, 20(5) pp. 576–581.

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Keogh, Peter; Henderson, Laurie; Dodds, Catherine and Hammond, Gary (2006). Morality, responsibility and risk: Gay men and proximity to HIV. London. Sigma Research, London.

Dodds, Catherine and Keogh, Peter (2006). Criminal prosecutions for HIV transmission: people living with HIV respond. International Journal of STD & AIDS, 17(5) pp. 315–318.

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Dodds, Catherine; Keogh, Peter; Chime, Ogo; Haruperi, Thandi; Ssanyu Sseruma, Winnie and Weatherburn, Peter (2004). Outsider status: Stigma and discrimination experienced by gay men and African people with HIV. Sigma Research, London.

Keogh, Peter; Weatherburn, Peter; Henderson, Laurie; Reid, David; Dodds, Catherine and Hickson, Ford (2004). Doctoring gay men: Exploring the contribution of General Practice. Sigma Research, London.

Keogh, Peter; Henderson, Laurie and Dodds, Catherine (2004). Migrant gay men: Redefining community, restoring identity. Sigma Research, London.

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Weatherburn, Peter; Keogh, Peter and Hickson, Ford (2000). Anonymous sex among homosexually active men: implications for HIV prevention. Venereology, 13(4) pp. 143–148.

Keogh, Peter and Weatherburn, Peter (2000). Tales from the backroom: anonymous sex and HIV risk in London's commercial gay sex venues. Venereology, 13(4) pp. 150–155.

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Keogh, Peter; Beardsell, Susan; Davies, Peter; Hickson, Ford and Weatherburn, Peter (1998). Gay Men and HIV: Community Responses and Personal Risks. Journal of Psychology & Human Sexuality, 10(3-4) pp. 59–73.


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