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Zhang, Rui; Jin, Zhijun; Li, Mingsong; Gillman, Michael; Chen, Shuping; Liu, Quanyou; Wei, Ren and Shi, Juye (2023). Long-term periodicity of sedimentary basins in response to astronomical forcing: Review and perspective. Earth-Science Reviews, 244, article no. 104533.

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Erenler, Hilary E.; Orr, Michael C.; Gillman, Michael P.; Parkes, Bethan R. B.; Rymer, Hazel and Maes, Jean-Michel (2016). Persistent nesting by Anthophora Latreille, 1803 (Hymenoptera: Apidae) bees in ash adjacent to an active volcano. Pan-Pacific Entomologist, 92(2) pp. 67–78.

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Erenler, Hilary E.; Ashton, Paul A.; Gillman, Michael P. and Ollerton, Jeff (2010). Factors determining species richness of soil seed banks in lowland ancient woodlands. Biodiversity and Conservation, 19(6) pp. 1631–1648.

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Gillman, M. P. and Erenler, H. E. (2009). The genetic diversity and cultural importance of cassava and its contribution to tropical forest sustainability. Journal of Integrative Environmental Sciences, 6(3) pp. 189–200.

Gillman, Michael (2009). Can ecosystems be managed sustainably? Biodiversity and tropical forests. In: Wilson, Gordon; Furniss, Pamela and Kimbowa, Richard eds. Environment, Development, and Sustainability: Perspectives and cases from around the world. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press, pp. 113–121.

Gillman, Mike (2009). An Introduction to Mathematical Models in Ecology and Evolution: Time and Space (2nd rev.ed.). Ecological Methods & Concepts. Chichester: John Wiley and Sons Ltd..

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Gillman, Michael and Erenler, Hilary (2008). The galactic cycle of extinction. International Journal of Astrobiology, 7(1) pp. 17–26.

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Welch, A.R.; Gillman, M.P. and John, E.A. (2006). Effect of nutrient application on growth rate and competitive ability of three foliose lichen species. The Lichenologist, 38(2) pp. 177–186.

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Clubbe, Colin; Gillman, Michael; Acevedo-Rodriguez, Pedro and Walker, Raymond (2004). Abundance, distribution and conservation significance of regionally endemic plant species on Anegada, British Virgin Islands. Oryx, 38(3) pp. 342–346.

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Gardener, Mark C.; Rowe, Richard J. and Gillman, Michael P. (2003). Tropical Bees (Trigona hockingsi) show no preference for nectar with amino acids. Biotropica, 35(1) pp. 119–125.

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Gardener, Mark C. and Gillman, Michael P. (2002). The taste of nectar - a neglected area of pollination ecology. OIKOS, 98(3) pp. 552–557.

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Gardener, Mark C. and Gillman, Michael P. (2001). Analyzing Variability in Nectar Amino Acids: Composition Is Less Variable Than Concentration. Journal of Chemical Ecology, 27(12) pp. 2545–2558.

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