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Moore, Elaine and Smart, Lesley (2021). Solid State Chemistry: An Introduction (5th edition). Abingdon, UK and Boca Raton, USA: CRC press.

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Jain, Shailesh K.; Crabb, Eleanor M.; Smart, Lesley E.; Thompsett, David and Steele, Andrew M. (2009). Controlled modification of Pt/Al2O3 for the preferential oxidation of CO in hydrogen: a comparative study of modifying element. Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 89(3-4) pp. 349–355.

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Wells, P. P; Qian, Y; King, C. R; Wiltshire, R. J. K.; Crabb, E. M.; Smart, L. E.; Thompsett, D and Russell, A. E. (2008). To alloy or not to alloy? Cr modified Pt/C catalysts for PEM fuel cells. Faraday Discussions, 138 pp. 273–285.

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Berry, Frank J.; Costantini, Nicola and Smart, Lesley E. (2006). Synthesis and characterisation of Cr3+-containing NASICON-related phases. Solid State Ionics, 177(33-34) pp. 2889–2896.

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Smart, Lesley E. and Moore, Elaine A. (2005). Solid state chemistry: an introduction. 3rd edition. Taylor & Francis CRC Press.

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Krishna Murthy, J.; Chandra Shekar, S.; SivaKumar, V.; David Raju, B.; Sreedhar, B.; Sai Prasad, P.S.; Kanto Rao, P.; Rama Rao, K.S.; Berry, F. J. and Smart, L. E. (2004). Effect of tungsten addition to Pd/ZrO2 system in the hydrodechlorination activity of CCl2F2. Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical, 223(1-2) pp. 347–351.

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Marimuthu, K.N.; Smart, L.E.; Berry, F.J. and Varadaraju, U.V. (2003). Solid state studies on K2Ti6-xNbxFe2O16 (x = 0 and 1), and lithium insertion into K2Ti6M2O16 (M = Cr, Fe and Ga) and K2Ti5NbFe2O16 hollandite type phases. Materials Chemistry and Physics, 82(3) pp. 672–678.

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Berry, Frank J.; Costantini, Nicola and Smart, Lesley E. (2002). Synthesis of chromium-containing pigments from chromium recovered from leather waste. Waste Management, 22(7) pp. 761–772.

Lingaiah, N.; Sai Prasad, P.S.; Kanta Rao, P.; Berry, F.J. and Smart, L.E. (2002). Structure and activity of microwave irradiated silica supported Pd-Fe bimetallic catalysts in the hydrodechlorination of chlorobenzene. Catalysis Communications, 3(9) pp. 391–397.

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Lingaiah, N.; Sai Prasad, P. S.; Kanta Rao, P.; Smart, Lesley E. and Berry, Frank J. (2001). Studies on magnesia supported mono- and bimetallic Pd-Fe catalysts prepared by microwave irradiation method. Applied Catalysis A: General, 213(2) pp. 189–196.

Berry, F.J.; Costantini, N. and Smart, L.E. (2001). Recovery and reuse of chromium from leather shavings: formation of chromium-containing ceramic pigments. Journal of the American Leather Chemists Association, 96(2) pp. 46–53.


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