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Price, Blaine A.; Stuart, Avelie; Calikli, Gul; Mccormick, Ciaran; Mehta, Vikram; Hutton, Luke; Bandara, Arosha K.; Levine, Mark and Nuseibeh, Bashar (2017). Logging you, Logging me: A Replicable Study of Privacy and Sharing Behaviour in Groups of Visual Lifeloggers. Proceedings of the ACM on Interactive Mobile Wearable and Ubiquitous Technologies, 1(2), article no. 22.

Rafiq, Yasmin; Dickens, Luke; Russo, Alessandra; Bandara, Arosha; Yang, Mu; Stuart, Avelie; Levine, Mark; Calikli, Gul; Price, Blaine and Nuseibeh, Bashar (2017). Learning to Share: Engineering Adaptive Decision-Support for Online Social Networks. In: 32nd IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software Engineering, 30 Oct - 3 Nov 2017, Chicago, IL.

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Calikli, Gul; Law, Mark; Bandara, Arosha K.; Russo, Alesandra; Dickens, Luke; Price, Blaine A.; Stuart, Avelie; Levine, Mark and Nuseibeh, Bashar (2016). Privacy Dynamics: Learning Privacy Norms for Social Software. In: 2016 IEEE/ACM 11th International Symposium on Software Engineering for Adaptive and Self-Managing Systems, Association of Computing Machinery pp. 47–56.

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Bener, Ayse; Tosun-Misirli, Ayse; Caglayan, Bora; Kocaguneli, Ekrem and Calikli, Gul (2015). Lessons Learned From Software Analytics in Practice. In: Menzies, Tim; Bird, Christian and Zimmerman, Thomas eds. The Art and Science of Analyzing Software Data. Morgan Kaufmann, p. 453.

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Calikli, Gul; Andersen, Mads Schaarup; Bandara, Arosha; Price, Blaine A. and Nuseibeh, Bashar (2014). Personal Informatics for Non-Geeks: Lessons Learned from Ordinary People. In: Proceedings of 2014 ACM International Joint Conference on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing Adjunct Publication (UbiComp 2014 Adjunct), pp. 683–686.

Tosun-Misirli, Ayşe; Bener, Ayşe; Çağlayan, Bora; Çalikli, Gül and Turhan, Burak (2014). Part II. Evaluation: Field Studies. In: Robillard, Martin P.; Maalej, Walid; Walker, Robert J. and Zimmerman, Thomas eds. Recommendation Systems in Software Engineering. Springer, pp. 329–355.

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Calikli, Gul and Bener, Ayse (2013). An Algorithmic Approach to Missing Data Problem in Modeling Human Aspects in Software Development. In: PROMISE '13: 9th International Conference on Predictive Models in Software Engineering, ACM, New York, USA, article no. 10.

Calikli, Gul; Bener, Ayse; Aytac, Turgay and Bozcan, Ovunc (2013). Towards a Metric Suite Proposal to Quantify Confirmation Biases of Developers. In: Empirical Software Engineering and Measurement, 2013 ACM / IEEE International Symposium on, IEEE, pp. 363–372.

Calikli, G.; Bener, A. and Shirazi, F. (2013). Analyzing the Effects of Confirmation Bias on Software Development Team Performance: A Field Study during a Hackathon. In: 39th Euromicro Conference on Software Engineering and Advanced Applications (SEAA 2013), 4-6 Sep 2013, Santander, Spain.

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Caglayan, Bora; Tosun Misirli, Ayse; Calikli, Gul; Aytac, Turgay; Bener, Ayse and Turhan, Burak (2012). Dione: An Integrated Measurement and Defect Prediction Solution. In: 20th International Symposium on the Foundations of Software Engineering (ACM SIGSOFT 2012 FSE-20), 11-16 Nov 2012, Cary, North Carolina, USA.

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Calikli, Gul and Bener, Ayse (2010). Preliminary analysis of the effects of confirmation bias on software defect density. In: 4th International Symposium on Empirical Software Engineering and Measurement (ESEM 2010), 16-17 Sep 2010, Bolzano-Bozen, Italy.

Calikli, Gul and Bener, Ayse (2010). Empirical analyses of the factors affecting confirmation bias and the effects of confirmation bias on software developer/tester performance. In: 6th International Conference on Predictive Models in Software Engineering, 12-13 Sep 2010, Timisoara, Romania.

Calikli, Gul; Aslan, Berna and Bener, Ayse (2010). Confirmation Bias in Software Development and Testing: An Analysis of the Effects of Company Size, Experience and Reasoning Skills. In: Workshop on Psychology of Programming Interest Group (PPIG), 19-21 Sep 2010, Leganes, Madrid, Spain.

Calikli, Gul; Bener, Ayse and Aslan, Berna (2010). An analysis of the effects of company culture, education and experience on confirmation bias levels of software developers and testers. In: 32nd International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE 2010), 2-8 May 2010, Cape Town, South Africa, pp. 187–190.

Calikli, Gul; Tosun, Ayse; Bener, Ayse and Celik, Melih (2010). The effect of granularity level on software defect prediction. In: 24th International Symposium on Computer and Information Sciences (ISCIS 2009), 14-16 Sep 2009, METU Northern Cyprus Campus, Guzelyurt, Cyprus, pp. 531–536.

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Korçak, Ömer; Kaya, Ilhan; Calikli, Gul and Alagöz, Fatih (2005). Performance evaluation of adaptive and static routing algorithms and contention resolution techniques in LEO satellite constellations. In: 2nd IEEE Recent Advances in Space Technologies (RAST 2005), 9-11 Jun 2005, Istanbul, Turkey, pp. 207–212.


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