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Reddy, Geetha and Selvanathan, Hema Preya (2020). Multiracial in Malaysia: Categories, Classification, and Campur in Contemporary Everyday Life. In: Rocha, Zaina L. and Aspinall, Peter J. eds. The Palgrave International Handbook of Mixed Racial and Ethnic Classification. Palgrave Macmillan, Cham, pp. 649–668.

Reddy, Geetha and Gleibs, Ilka H. (2016). The social and political psychology of globalisation and global identities. In: Howarth, Caroline and Andreouli, Eleni eds. The Social Psychology of Everyday Politics. Abingdon: Routledge, pp. 65–78.

Reddy, Geetha (2016). Race Rules in Singapore. In: Lim, Jason and Lee, Terrence eds. Singapore: Negotiating state and society, 1965-2015. London: Routledge.

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Suffla, Shahnaaz; Ratele, Kopano; Adams, Glenn; Reddy, Geetha and Malherbe, Nick (2023). Toward a decolonial Africa-centering ecological and social psychology. Current Research in Ecological and Social Psychology, 5, article no. 100156.

Reddy, Geetha and Amer, Amena (2023). Precarious engagements and the politics of knowledge production: Listening to calls for reorienting hegemonic social psychology. British Journal of Social Psychology, 62(S1) pp. 71–94.

Coultas, Clare; Reddy, Geetha and Lukate, Johanna (2023). Towards a social psychology of precarity. British Journal of Social Psychology, 62(51) pp. 1–20.

Readsura Decolonial Editorial Collective (2022). Decoloniality as a social issue for psychological study. Journal of Social Issues, 78(1) pp. 7–26.

Readsura Decolonial Editorial Collective Group (2022). Psychology as a site for decolonial analysis. Journal of Social Issues, 78(2) pp. 255–277.

Malherbe, N; Ratele, K; Adams, G; Reddy, G and Suffla, S (2021). A decolonial Africa(n)-centered psychology of antiracism. Review of General Psychology, 25(4) pp. 437–450.

Reddy, Geetha; Ratele, Kopano; Adams, Glenn and Suffla, Shahnaaz (2021). Decolonising psychology: moving from developing an inclusive social psychology to centring epistemic justice. Social Psychological Review, 23(2) pp. 10–12.

Gleibs, Ilka H.; Wilson, Neil; Reddy, Geetha and Catmur, Caroline (2016). Group dynamics in automatic imitation. PLOS ONE, 11(9)

Wang, M. C.; Naidoo, N.; Ferzacca, S.; Reddy, G. and Dam, R. M. Van (2014). The role of women in food provision and food choice decision-making in Singapore: a case study. Ecology of Food and Nutrition, 53(6) pp. 658–677.

Ferzacca, S.; Naidoo, N.; Wang, M. C.; Reddy, G. and van Dam, R. M. (2013). "Sometimes they'll tell me what they want": family and inter-generational food preferences in the food decisions of Singaporean women. Appetite, 69 pp. 156–167.

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Reddy, Geetha (2021). Knowledge with and from the Global South: lessons from psychology. In Race & Health Quarterly Racism, Xenophobia, Discrimination & Health.

Reddy, Geetha (2021). The politics of knowledge: whose knowledge counts? In ISPP Early Career Committee Newsletter - Fall 2021 ISPP International Society of Political Psychology.

Reddy, Geetha; Avraamidou, Lucy and López López, Mónica (2019). Foreword [Diversity Matters Special]. Growing together. Celebrating diversity, fostering inclusion, International Conference; University of Groningen.

Okoroji, Celestine; Mazari, Haani; Reddy, Geetha; Dedios-Sanguineti, Maria Cecilia and Nogueira, Mara (2016). Reflections on a Research Field Trip to Brazil. Psychological & Behavioural Science Blog, LSE.


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