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Harris, Catherine; Gawlewicz, Anna and Valentine, Gill (2022). Attitudes towards immigration: responses to the increased presence of Polish migrants in the UK post 2004. Migration and Development, 11(1) pp. 1–20.

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Neal, Sarah; Gawlewicz, Anna; Heley, Jesse and Jones, Rhys Dafydd (2021). Rural Brexit? The ambivalent politics of rural community, migration and dependency. Journal of Rural Studies, 82 pp. 176–183.

Stella, Francesca and Gawlewicz, Anna (2021). Social networks, language and identity negotiations among queer migrants in Scotland. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 47(11) pp. 2537–2555.

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Stewart, Alasdair B. R.; Gawlewicz, Anna; Bailey, Nick; Katikireddi, S. Vittal and Wright, Sharon (2020). Lived Experiences of Mental Health Problems and Welfare Conditionality. University of Glasgow, Glasgow.

Gawlewicz, Anna; Stewart, ABR; Bailey, N; Katikireddi, SV and Wright, S (2020). Analysis Protocol: Constructions of Mental Health and Problematic Alcohol Use Within UK’s Health and Welfare Policy. University of Glasgow, Glasgow.

Gawlewicz, Anna and Sotkasiira, Tiina (2020). Revisiting geographies of temporalities: The significance of time in migrant responses to Brexit. Population, Space and Place, 26(1), article no. e2275.

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Gawlewicz, Anna (2019). Translation in Qualitative Methods. In: Atkinson, PA; Delamont, S; Williams, R; Cernat, A and Sakshaug, J eds. SAGE Research Methods Foundations: an Encyclopedia. SAGE Publications.

Dafydd Jones, Rhys; Gawlewicz, Anna; Heley, Jesse and Neal, Sarah (2019). La campagna inglese non è un quadro di Constable [The countryside, Britain and Brexit: the rural in national politics and identities]. In Limes: Rivista Italiana di Geopolitica Limes: Rivista Italiana di Geopolitica.

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Stella, Francesca; Flynn, Moya and Gawlewicz, Anna (2017). Intimate Migrations Final Report - Appendix 2: Recommendations from Second Consultation Event. University of Glasgow, Glasgow.

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Stella, Francesca; Gawlewicz, Anna and Flynn, Moya (2016). Intimate Migrations: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Migrants in Scotland. University of Glasgow, Glasgow.

Gawlewicz, Anna (2016). Beyond openness and prejudice: The consequences of migrant encounters with difference. Environment and Planning A: Economy and Space, 48(2) pp. 256–272.

Vieten, Ulrieke M. and Gawlewicz, Anna (2016). Visible Difference, Stigmatising Language(s) and the Discursive Construction of Prejudices Against Others in Leeds and Warsaw. In: Vieten, Ulrieke M. and Valentine, Gill eds. Cartographies of Differences: Interdisciplinary Perspectives. New Visions of the Cosmopolitan, 5. Bern: Peter Lang, pp. 202–221.

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Gawlewicz, Anna and Narkowicz, Kasia (2015). Islamophobia on the move: circulation of anti-Muslim prejudice between Poland and the UK. In: Muslims in the UK and Europe (Suleiman, Yasir ed.), Centre of Islamic Studies, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, pp. 90–100.

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Gawlewicz, Anna and Yndigegn, Carsten (2012). The (in)visible wall of fortress Europe? Elite migrating youth perceiving the sensitive Polish-Ukrainian border. In: Jagetić Andersen, Dorte; Klatt, Martin and Sandberg, Marie eds. The Border Multiple: The Practicing of Borders Between Public Policy and Everyday Life in a Re-scaling Europe. Ashgate, pp. 179–199.

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Gawlewicz, Anna and Yndigegn, Carsten (2011). Multi-layered identities as a consequence of a regular border experience: trans-nationally migrating elite youth facing "sensitive" Polish-Ukrainian border. In: The Multifaceted Economic and Political Geographies of Internal and External EU Borders: Proceedings of the 2010 European Conference of the Association for Borderlands Studies (Kalogeresis, A ed.), Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Veria, pp. 241–262.

Andersen, Dorte; Gawlewicz, Anna and Yndigegn, Carsten (2011). EU edges and border practices: Slovenian-Croatian and Polish-Ukrainian borders as laboratories of borderwork on a post-national level. In: Jańczak, Jaroslaw ed. De-Bordering, Re-Bordering and Symbols on the European Boundaries. Thematicon, 16. Berlin: Logos Verlag Berlin GmbH, pp. 83–96.

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Mikułowski Pomorski, J. and Gawlewicz, A. (2009). Family Europe: the shaping of the EU’s image in the Polish press at the time of Poland’s accession to the EU (2004) and in the fifth year of membership (2008). In: Skotnicka-Illasiewicz, E. ed. 5 Years of Poland’s Membership of the EU in the Social Context. Warsaw: The Office of the Committee of European Integration, pp. 200–225.


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