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Losekamm, M.J.; Barber, S.; Biswas, J.; Chupin, T.; Evagora, A.; Fau, G.; Fodorcan, D.; Gancet, J.; Kubitza, S.; Madakashira, H.K.; Murray, N.; Neumann, J.; Poeschl, T.; Reganaz, M.; Richter, L.; Schroeder, S.; Schwanethal, J.; Sheridan, S.; Urbina, D.; Vogt, D. and Wessels, P. (2021). LUVMI-X: A Versatile Platform for Resource Prospecting on the Moon. In: Earth and Space 2021: Space Exploration, Utilization, Engineering, and Construction in Extreme Environments pp. 289–299.

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Garcet, Jeremi; Urbina, Diego; Sheridan, Simon; Biswas, Janos; Evagora, Anthony; Richter, Luiz; Fau, Guillaume; Kumar, Hemanth; Fodorcan, Daniel; Chupin, Thibaud; Kullack, Kasrten; Pitcher, Craig; Murray, Neil; Reiss, Philipp; Reganaz, Mattia; Govindaraj, Shashank; Aked, Richard and Salini, Joseph (2019). Lunar Volatiles Mobile Instrumentation (LUVMI) Project Results. In: 70th International Astronautical Congress (IAC), 21-25 Oct 2019, Washington DC / USA.

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Pitcher, C.; Sheridan, S.; Barber, S. J.; Urbina, D.; Gancet, J.; Kullack, K.; Ceglia, E.; Madakashira, H.; Salinia, J.; Govindaraj, S.; Surdo, L.; Aked, R.; Biswas, J.; Reiss, P.; Richter, L.; Dobrea, D.; Reganaz, M.; Murray, Neil; Rushton, J. and Evagora, A. (2018). Volatile Extraction and Detection from Frozen Lunar Regolith Simulants in Preparation for the LUVMI Rover. In: 6th European Lunar Symposium, 14-16 May 2018, Toulouse, France.

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Urbina, Diego; Gancet, Jeremi; Kullack, Karsten; Ceglia, Enrico; Madakashira, Hemanth; Salini, Joseph; Govindaraj, Shashank; Surdo, Leonardo; Aked, Richard; Sheridan, Simon; Pitcher, Craig; Barber, S. J.; Biswas, Janos; Philipp, Reiss; Rushton, Joseph; Murray, Neil; Evagora, Anthony; Richter, Lutz; Dobrea, Diana and Reganaz, Mattia (2017). LUVMI: an innovative payload for the sampling of volatiles at the Lunar poles. In: 68th International Astronautical Congress, 25-29 Sep 2017, Adelaide, Australia.

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Tutt, J. H.; Hall, D. J.; Soman, M. R.; Holland, A. D.; Warren, A.; Connolley, T. and Evagora, A. M. (2014). Development of EM-CCD-based X-ray detector for synchrotron applications. Electronics Letters, 50(17) pp. 1224–1226.

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