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Dimitrakopoulos, Panayiotis G.; Jones, Nikoleta; Iosifides, Theodoros; Florokapi, Ioanna; Lasda, Ourania; Paliouras, Foivos and Evangelinos, Konstantinos I. (2010). Local attitudes on protected areas: evidence from three Natura 2000 wetland sites in Greece. Journal of Environmental Management, 91(9) pp. 1847–1854.

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Evangelinos, Konstantinos I.; Jones, Nikoleta and Panoriou, Eugenia M. (2009). Challenges and opportunities for sustainability in regional universities: a case study in Mytilene, Greece. Journal of Cleaner Production, 17(12) pp. 1154–1161.

Evangelinos, Konstantinos I. and Jones, Nikoleta (2009). An analysis of social capital and environmental management of higher education institutions. International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education, 10(4) pp. 334–342.

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Halkos, George E. and Jones, Nikoleta (2012). Modeling the effect of social factors on improving biodiversity protection. Ecological Economics, 78 pp. 90–99.

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Jones, N.; Koukoulas, S.; Clark, J. R. A.; Evangelinos, K. I.; Dimitrakopoulos, P. G.; Eftihidou, M. O.; Koliou, A.; Mpalaska, M.; Papanikolaou, S.; Stathi, G. and Tsaliki, P. (2014). Social capital and citizen perceptions of coastal management for tackling climate change impacts in Greece. Regional Environmental Change, 14(3) pp. 1083–1093.

Jones, N. and Clark, J. R. A. (2014). Social capital and the public acceptability of climate change adaptation policies: a case study in Romney Marsh, UK. Climatic Change, 123(2) pp. 133–145.

Jones, Nikoleta; Panoriou, E.; Thiveou, K.; Roumeliotis, S.; Allan, S.; Clark, J. R. A. and Evangelinos, K. I. (2012). Investigating benefits from the implementation of environmental management systems in a Greek university. Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy, 14(4) pp. 669–676.

Jones, Nikoleta; Clark, Julian and Tripidaki, Georgia (2012). Social risk assessment and social capital: a significant parameter for the formation of climate change policies. Social Science Journal, 49(1) pp. 33–41.

Jones, Nikoleta; Gleridou, Chrysi; Dimitrakopoulos, Panayiotis G. and Evangelinos, Konstantinos I. (2012). Investigating social acceptability for public forest management policies as a function of social factors. Forest Policy and Economics, 14(1) pp. 148–155.

Jones, N.; Clark, J. R. A.; Panteli, M.; Proikaki, M. and Dimitrakopoulos, P. G. (2012). Local social capital and the acceptance of Protected Area policies: an empirical study of two Ramsar river delta ecosystems in northern Greece. Journal of Environmental Management, 96(1) pp. 55–63.

Jones, Nikoleta; Iosifides, Theodoros; Evangelinos, Konstantinos I.; Florokapi, Ioanna and Dimitrakopoulos, Panayiotis G. (2012). Investigating knowledge and perceptions of citizens of the National Park of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, Greece. International Journal of Sustainable Development & World Ecology, 19(1) pp. 25–33.

Jones, Nikoleta; Panagiotidou, Kalliopi; Spilanis, Ioannis; Evangelinos, Konstantinos I. and Dimitrakopoulos, Panayiotis G. (2011). Visitors’ perceptions on the management of an important nesting site for loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta caretta L.): the case of Rethymno coastal area in Greece. Ocean & Coastal Management, 54(8) pp. 577–584.

Jones, Nikoleta; Evangelinos, Konstantinos; Gaganis, Petros and Polyzou, Eugenia (2011). Citizens’ perceptions on water conservation policies and the role of social capital. Water Resources Management, 25(2) pp. 509–522.

Jones, Nikoleta; Halvadakis, Constantinos P. and Sophoulis, Costas M. (2011). Social capital and household solid waste management policies: a case study in Mytilene, Greece. Environmental Politics, 20(2) pp. 264–283.

Jones, Nikoleta (2011). Social capital and environmental policies in Greece. In: Leonard, Liam and Botetzagias, Iosif eds. Sustainable Politics and the Crisis of the Peripheries: Ireland and Greece. Advances in Ecopolitics (8). Bingley: Emerald Group Publishing Limited, pp. 201–216.

Jones, Nikoleta; Proikaki, Marina and Dimitrakopoulos, Panayiotis G. (2011). Social capital indicators and environmental policies for protected areas. In: Baird, Candace M. ed. Social Indicators: Statistics, Trends and Policy Development. Social Justice, Equality and Empowerment. Hauppauge, NY: Nova Science Publishers, pp. 99–118.

Jones, N.; Evangelinos, K.; Halvadakis, C.P.; Iosifides, T. and Sophoulis, C.M. (2010). Social factors influencing perceptions and willingness to pay for a market-based policy aiming on solid waste management. Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 54(9) pp. 533–540.

Jones, Nikoleta; Sophoulis, Costas M.; Iosifides, Theodoros; Botetzagias, Iosif and Evangelinos, Konstantinos (2009). The influence of social capital on environmental policy instruments. Environmental Politics, 18(4) pp. 595–611.

Jones, Nikoleta; Malesios, Chrisovaladis and Botetzagias, Iosif (2009). The influence of social capital on willingness to pay for the environment among European citizens. European Societies, 11(4) pp. 511–530.

Jones, Nikoleta; Sophoulis, Costas M. and Malesios, Chrisovaladis (2008). Economic valuation of coastal water quality and protest responses: a case study in Mitilini, Greece. Journal of Socio-Economics, 37(6) pp. 2478–2491.

Jones, Nikoleta; Malesios, Chrisovaladis; Iosifides, Theodoros and Sophoulis, Costas M. (2008). Social capital in Greece: measurement and comparative perspectives. South European Society and Politics, 13(2) pp. 175–193.

Jones, N.; Malesios, C. and Sophoulis, C. M. (2007). Social capital and public policy formation: an emphasis on Greek regions. In: Conference of the ISA Research Committee Sociotechnics, Sociological Practice RC26: Design for All, Inclusion, Social Economy, Sustainable Communities, 12-17 Jun 2007, Molyvos, Lesvos, Greece.

Jones, Nikoleta; Malessios, Chrisovaladis and Botetzagias, Iosif (2007). Individual social capital and willingness to contribute money for the environment. In: Proceedings of the 8th European Sociological Association Conference Conflict, Citizenship and Civil Society p. 174.

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Koerth, Jana; Jones, Nikoleta; Vafeidis, Athanasios T.; Dimitrakopoulos, Panayiotis G.; Melliou, Androniki; Chatzidimitriou, Evaggelia and Koukoulas, Sotirios (2013). Household adaptation and intention to adapt to coastal flooding in the Axios – Loudias – Aliakmonas National Park, Greece. Ocean & Coastal Management, 82 pp. 43–50.

Koerth, J.; Jones, N.; Vafeidis, A. T.; Koukoulas, S. and Dimitrakopoulos, P. G. (2012). Adaptation to coastal flooding on household level: to what extent is it determined by nationality? In: 2nd Nordic International Conference, Climate Change adaptation. Research meets decision-making, 29-31 Aug 2012, Helsinki, Finland.

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Polyzou, E.; Jones, N.; Evangelinos, K.I. and Halvadakis, C.P. (2011). Willingness to pay for drinking water quality improvement and the influence of social capital. Journal of Socio-Economics, 40(1) pp. 74–80.

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Skouloudis, Antonis; Jones, Nikoleta; Malesios, Chrisovaladis and Evangelinos, Konstantinos (2014). Trents and determinants of non-financial disclosure in Greece. Journal of Cleaner Production, 68 pp. 174–188.


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