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Barrett, T. J.; Mittlefehldt, D. W.; Ross, D. K.; Greenwood, R. C.; Anand, M.; Franchi, I. A.; Grady, M. M. and Charlier, B. L. A. (2015). The Mineralogy and Petrology of Anomalous Eucrite Emmaville. In: Lunar and Planetary Science Conference 46th, 16 to 20 Mar 2015, The Woodlands, Texas.

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Charlier, B. L. A.; Nowell, G. M.; Parkinson, I. J.; Kelley, S. P.; Pearson, D. G and Burton, K. W. (2012). High temperature strontium stable isotope behaviour in the early solar system and planetary bodies. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 329-330 pp. 31–40.

Charlier, B. L. A.; Morgan, D. J.; Wilson, C. J. N.; Wooden, J. L.; Allan, A. S. R. and Baker, J. A. (2012). Lithium concentration gradients in feldspar and quartz record the final minutes of magma ascent in an explosive supereruption. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 319-320 pp. 218–227.

Charlier, B. L. A.; Needham, A. W. and Grady, M. M. (2011). Dating of secondary minerals in nakhlites. In: Dating of Secondary Minerals in Nakhlites, 46.

Charlier, B. L. A.; Bachmann, O.; Davidson, J. P.; Dungan, M. A. and Morgan, D. J. (2007). The upper crustal evolution of a large silicic magma body: Evidence from crystal-scale Rb-Sr isotopic Heterogeneities in the fish canyon magmatic system, Colorado. Journal of Petrology, 48(10) pp. 1875–1894.

Charlier, B.L.A.; Ginibre, C.; Morgan, D.; Nowell, G.M.; Pearson, D.G.; Davidson, J.P. and Ottley, C.J. (2006). Methods for the microsampling and high-precision analysis of strontium and rubidium isotopes at single crystal scale for petrological and geochronological applications. Chemical Geology, 232(3-4) pp. 114–133.

Charlier, B.L.A; Peate, D.W.; Wilson, C.J.N.; Lowenstern, J.B.; Storey, M. and Brown, S.J.A. (2003). Crystallisation ages in coeval silicic magma bodies: 238U-230Th disequilibrium evidence from the Rotoiti and Earthquake Flat eruption deposits, Taupo Volcanic Zone, New Zealand. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 206(3-4) pp. 441–457.

Charlier, Bruce and Zellmer, Georg (2000). Some remarks on U–Th mineral ages from igneous rocks with prolonged crystallisation histories. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 183(3-4) pp. 457–469.

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Davidson, Jon P.; Font, Laura; Charlier, Bruce L. A. and Tepley, Frank J. (2008). Mineral-scale Sr isotope variation in plutonic rocks - a tool for unravelling the evolution of magma systems. Transactions: Earth Sciences, 97(4) pp. 357–367.

Davidson, Jon P.; Morgan, Daniel J. and Charlier, Bruce L. A. (2007). Isotopic Microsampling of Magmatic Rocks. Elements, 3(4) pp. 253–259.

Davidson, J. P.; Morgan, D. M.; Charlier, B. L. A.; Harlou, R. and Hora, J .M. (2007). Microsampling and isotopic analysis of igneous rocks: implications for the study of magmatic systems. Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences, 35 pp. 273–311.

Davidson, Jon; Hora, John M.; Charlier, Bruce and Perlroth, Rebecca (2005). Mineral isochrons and isotopic fingerprinting: Pitfalls and promises. Geology, 33(1) pp. 29–32.

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Wilson, C. J. N.; Charlier, B. L. A.; Fagan, C. J.; Spinks, K. D.; Gravley, D. M.; Simmons, S. F. and Browne, P. R. L. (2010). U-Pb dating of zircon in hydrothermally altered rocks as a correlation tool: application to the Mangakino geothermal field, New Zealand. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 176(2) pp. 191–198.

Wilson, C. J. N.; Charlier, B. L. A.; Rowland, J. V. and Browne, P. R. L. (2010). U–Pb dating of zircon in subsurface, hydrothermally altered pyroclastic deposits and implications for subsidence in a magmatically active rift: Taupo Volcanic Zone, New Zealand. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 191(1-2) pp. 69–78.

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Zellmer, G. F.; Annen, C.; Charlier, B. L. A.; George, R. M. M.; Turner, S. P. and Hawkesworth, C. J. (2005). Magma evolution and ascent at volcanic arcs: constraining petrogenetic processes through rates and chronologies. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 140(1-3) pp. 171–191.


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